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Auto AccidentsAutomobile collisions are the most common cause of serious personal injuries and wrongful death claims.  While we are constantly representing clients with injuries suffered as a result of another's careless driving, these cases are far from routine and simple.  We have a broad base of knowledge of car accident litigation. Our office is extremely well versed in how Oregon and Washington laws relate to car accidents, insurance coverage issues and how to obtain a full recovery for our clients' losses.  While our office is located in the Portland metropolitan area, many of our clients are injured in different types of settings.  Whether you have been involved in a crash in commuter traffic or a victim of a head-on collision on a country road, we have the experience to help you recover.

Every day we do battle against an insurance industry that will use all of its wealth and power to deprive the injured from receiving justice and a full recovery.  Victims of auto accidents should recover for property damage (not just their car, but any property damaged from the crash), medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain, humiliation, and loss of quality of life.  At Kaplan Law, LLC, we advocate for our clients to receive a full recovery so that they can get all the support they need in the future in order to carry on with their lives.

In Oregon there are complicated issues due to the specific laws governing insurance policies.  It is important to have an attorney who understands where to look for coverage and recovery.


In Oregon, passengers of automobile accidents can recover against whom ever is responsible.  Passengers can get stuck in the middle of the "insurance coverage blame game".  This occurs when there is an accident and the insurance companies for the involved parties do not want to accept responsibility leaving the passengers with a big headache, a mountain of bills, and untreated injuries. We handle these types of cases regularly.  Don't let the insurance companies bounce you back and forth on who should be responsible for ensuring you fully recover from your injuries.

Passenger injuries can also occur from a single car accident.  This situation typically occurs when there is a rollover crash or when the driver loses control and crashes into something like a telephone pole, drainage ditch, or a roadside barrier.  In any of these situations the passenger should be able to hold the driver and their insurance company accountable for careless actions that caused the injuries.  

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