Corvallis, Oregon

Corvallis, Oregon’s second-largest city, lies just over 80 miles south of Portland in Benton County at the confluence of the Mary and Willamette Rivers. It is home to Oregon State University and briefly served as Oregon’s capital in the mid-19th century shortly before the territory became America’s 33rd state. Though relatively small, with a population of just 55,000, Corvallis has long been known as a center of art and culture. Corvallis is also a key city served by the Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan. From his office at 50 SW Pine St #302 in Portland, Matthew D. Kaplan offers skilled legal services to clients throughout Washington and Oregon. His office is the place to turn if you are in need of legal help protecting your rights. Call (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment.

A community like Corvallis filled with young people, and where people of all ages are committed to the Great Outdoors, also faces unique legal challenges. Recreational and sports injuries, particularly traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries are increasingly recognized as a serious problem in Oregon and throughout the United States. According to the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon each year more than 17,000 Oregonians suffer traumatic brain injuries leading to approximately 675 deaths and nearly 3,000 hospitalizations.

Whether a traumatic brain injury is sustained in a car or truck accident, on the playing field or elsewhere, it is certain to pose legal issues that require specialist knowledge, as well as a helping hand through the often confusing world of our court system. The help of an attorney with long experience working throughout Oregon is essential.

The historic Courthouse on 4th St serves as the legal hub for both the city of Corvallis and all of surrounding Benton County. Benton County is part of the state’s 21st Judicial District, and is served by three Circuit Court Judges, each elected for a six year term. The current judges are:

  • Presiding Judge Lock A. Williams
  • Janet S. Holcomb
  • David B. Connell

Understanding how Oregon’s Circuit Courts function and how they fit into our broader state and federal systems is important if one is to navigate the system successfully. It is just this sort of expertise that Matthew D. Kaplan offers to Oregonians coping with traumatic brain injuries or considering whether a loved one suffered a wrongful death.

Matthew offers potential clients a free initial consultation to evaluate their cases. His goal is always to help ordinary citizens defend their rights, and to see that victims and their families obtain the justice they deserve.

The Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan is conveniently located at 50 SW Pine St #302, Portland, OR 97204.


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Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon

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