Portland skyline

Damascus, Oregon

Most travel guides will tell you that Damascus is the oldest continuously-inhabited city on earth. That, of course, is a reference to the capital of Syria. Oregon’s Damascus lies at the opposite end of the age spectrum, having been incorporated only in 2004. To be fair, the site, southeast of Portland in Clackamas County, has been occupied much longer than that. Historical records indicate that the community was founded shortly after the Civil War. Indeed, Damascus, Oregon had its own US post office for several decades in the 19th century, despite never having been officially incorporated. The old post office closed in 1904, and a modern counterpart did not open until 2007 – more than a century later.

Today, the modern city of Damascus is home to just over 10,000 people. Its convenient location, less than an hour from Portland, is far-removed from urban life but still close enough for the city’s business and cultural opportunities to be easily accessible. Matthew D. Kaplan offers skilled legal services to Damascus, Clackamas County and to clients throughout Washington and Oregon from his office in Suite #1111 at the KOIN Center, 222 SW Columbia Street in Portland. His office is the place to turn if you need help defending your rights, or are simply uncertain of what your rights are. Call (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment.

As one of Oregon’s largest counties Clackamas has some of the most heavily traveled roads in the state. In 2010 the county witnessed 21 fatal motor vehicle crashes – a figure surpassed by only three other Oregon counties. In all, there were over 3,800 car, truck and motorcycle crashes in Clackamas County during that year – over 120 of them in Damascus alone, a surprising number for such a small city.

Indeed, the 2010 statistics for Damascus, compiled by the Oregon Department of Transportation, are a reminder of how dangerous the everyday act of driving can be:

  • ➢ Total crashes: 121
  • ➢ Of which daytime crashes: 72
  • ➢ Nighttime crashes: 49
  • ➢ Total injuries: 69

Damascenes can, however, take some comfort from one traffic statistic: despite the city’s size, none of that year’s crashes in Damascus involved trucks, an unusual fact for a city this size.

Because it sits in Clackamas County, Damascus is also a part of Oregon’s 5th Judicial District, headquartered in Oregon City. Though each of Oregon’s 36 counties has its own Circuit Court, the state as a whole is divided into 27 judicial districts. Matthew Kaplan’s law practice has always put ordinary Oregonians first. He is here not only to help his neighbors protect their rights, and also to help them navigate the often-confusing world of our courts and legal system. Only with skilled legal assistance can most ordinary Oregonians hope to get the justice they deserve.

The Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan is conveniently located in downtown Portland at the KOIN Center, Suite #1111, 222 SW Columbia Street between SW 2nd and 3rd Avenues. From Damascus, take Oregon Route 212 west for about 5.5 miles then turn right onto SE 82nd Drive/Oregon Route 224 west. Follow 224 to its intersection with Route 99 east and follow the road north toward Portland. After passing the Oregon Museum of Science and Technology, turn left onto SE Madison St to reach Hawthorne Bridge and cross the river. Coming off the bridge, follow SW Main St for three blocks, then turn left onto SW 3rd Avenue. Go three more blocks, and take a left onto SW Columbia St. Matthew’s office is at KOIN Center, Suite #1111, 222 SW Columbia Street in Portland. Telephone (503) 226-3844.