Happy Valley, Oregon

Incorporated only in 1965, Happy Valley, Oregon did not even have its own zip code until 2006. Even that fact, however, does little to convey just how fast Happy Valley is growing. Figures from the 2010 census put the population at around 14,000. That is roughly double the number of people who lived in this small Clackamas County city in 2005. When the last census was taken, in 2000, Happy Valley was home to fewer than 5000 people. Not surprisingly, Happy Valley was recently identified by Portland State University as one of the fastest-growing communities in Oregon. Kaplan Law LLC offers extensive, professional legal services for the residents of Happy Valley and surrounding communities in Oregon and Washington from his office at 50 SW Pine St in Portland.

Amid this explosive growth the city has made an effort to preserve green spaces. The large, centrally-located Happy Valley Park features extensive walking trails as well as 24 acres of wetlands. Elsewhere in the city one finds a surprising number of nature trails for so small a place, including a number in the Mount Talbert Nature Park in Happy Valley's southwest corner. When combined with the city's easy access to Portland - barely 10 miles away as-the-crow-flies - Happy Valley offers a unique blend of suburban convenience and access to the big city.

Happy Valley is located in Clackamas County, which places it in Oregon's 5th Judicial District, headquartered in Oregon City. When dealing with the 5th District's courts it is important to work with an attorney who is familiar with not only with the applicable laws and regulations but also with the local courts - the judges who preside over them as well as the staff who serve the court and take care of its day-to-day functions. Familiarity with the city and statewide legal trends affecting the community are also important.

As a city with many commuters Happy Valley faces a number of unique traffic issues. According to state records, there were no traffic fatalities in the city during 2010, but there were 84 motor vehicle accidents involving injuries and/or damage to property. These auto and truck crashes resulted in a total of 76 injuries. This compares with a countywide total of 3,834 motor vehicle accidents in 2010 resulting in 21 deaths and nearly 2,900 injuries. Overall, these figures reflect favorably on Happy Valley, even as they highlight the dangers we all face whenever we take to the road.

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