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Injury Victim Checklist

  1. Seek immediate medical attention.

  2. Contact and retain a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

  3. Do not give anyone from an insurance company written or taped statements. (have them contact your attorney)

  4. Write a detailed summary of what happened to cause your injury (only give this to your attorney).

  5. Have your doctor write notes for all time needed to take off of work due to your accident related injuries (even if you are self-employed).

  6. Retain all physical evidence involved in the case.

  7. Get the names, telephone numbers and addresses of witnesses (including those involved in the incident).

  8. Take digital photographs: This includes injuries suffered, property damage, and the cause or scene of the incident.

  9. Have your employer document your lost wages.

  10. Do not sign any releases or medical authorizations without your attorney's approval.

  11. Give your doctors detailed and accurate information regarding your injuries.

  12. Do not allow large gaps of time between medical appointments because insurance companies will try to argue that you were medically stationary and any treatment after the gap is not reasonably related to your case.