Portland skyline

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Set beautifully by its eponymous lake, Lake Owsego is one of Oregon’s gems. The town was founded in the mid-19th century and grew rapidly due to its prime location along the trade routes connecting Portland to Oregon City and also because of the discovery of iron ore in the nearby Tualatin Valley around the time of the Civil War. By the late 1800s it was a center of the iron industry – home to several blast furnaces (the remains of one can be seen today in George Rogers Park) and nicknamed the Pittsburgh of the West. In more recent times the Clackamas County City’s good rail connections and easy access to Portland have helped it develop into a suburb that feels much further removed from downtown than the eight miles it actually is.

As such, Lake Oswego residents are easily able to turn to Kaplan Law LLC at the KOIN Center, Suite #1111, 222 SW Columbia Street in Portland, Oregon for assistance with a wide range of legal matters. Call Kaplan Law LLC at (503) 226-3844 to schedule a free initial consultation regarding auto accidents, traumatic brain injuries, injuries to children and other personal injury matters.

Because it is part of Clackamas County, Lake Oswego falls under the jurisdiction of Oregon’s 5th Judicial District, based in Oregon City. The district’s courts hear a wide variety of actions including, according to state data, well over 6,000 civil cases each year.

The good news when approaching the court system is that not only have auto accident numbers statewide declined in recent years, Oregon is consistently below the national average in traffic fatalities per 100,000 of the population and its results have been getting even better. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this is how Oregon’s fatality rate per 100,000 population compared to national average in recent years for which data have been published:

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Obviously there is still room for improvement, but, as Oregonians we can all take pride in the fact that unsafe conduct on our roads has fallen markedly. There is, however, still much work to be done. That is why Oregon’s legislature passed a law against distracted driving, and why public campaigns against drunk driving and other unsafe conduct remain so important.

It is also a major reason why our courts continue to play a crucial role in highway safety, by enforcing these laws and providing all citizens with a forum in which they can demand accountability. At Kaplan Law LLC we believe passionately that this is one of the many ways in which our courts are forces for good: a forum that levels the differences between ordinary people and powerful companies. We regard make the resources of this system more widely available as a core element of our mission, along with demystifying the legal process for laypeople.

Lake Oswego is a short drive south of Portland and very convenient to Kaplan Law LLC. To reach our office at the KOIN Center, Suite #1111, at 222 SW Columbia Street from Lake Oswego take Oregon 43 (also known in Lake Oswego as North State Street) north following the signs toward Portland’s city center until you merge onto SW Kelly Avenue. Follow Kelly until it merges with US-26, eventually becoming SW Naito Parkway. As you reach Portland’s Waterfront Park, turn left on Clay, go four blocks, then right on SW 4th Avenue followed by another quick right onto SW Columbia St.