Milwaukie, Oregon

There are two stories regarding how Milwaukie, Oregon came by the unusual spelling of its name. The first holds that back in 1848 the larger Wisconsin metropolis sometimes spelled its name that way (this is plausible - spelling was a more hit-and-miss affair back then), and the founders of Milwaukie, Oregon were seeking to honor the Midwestern city. The second theory is that the choice of "ie" instead of "ee" was intentional, made with an eye toward minimizing mistakes by the post office. Wherever the truth may lie, few would mistake modern Milwaukie, a city of just over 20,000 in Clackamas County, for its much larger cousin. Just as they spell their names differently, and are, of course, vastly different in size, they also take pride in very different signature products. That other 'Milwaukie' is, of course, famous for its beer. Here in Oregon we can take pride in the fact that our Milwaukie is the birthplace of the bing cherry - arguably the most common variety of the popular fruit.

Located across the Columbia River and just a few miles south of Portland, Milwaukie is also among the communities served by Kaplan Law LLC. Kaplan Law's office at 50 SW Pine St #302 in Portland, Oregon is a valuable resource for Oregonians unsure of how to deal with the court system. Call (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment.

An important element of Kaplan Law's work is helping Oregonians from Milwaukie and elsewhere understand and navigate the sometimes confusing world of our courts. Clackamas County is part of Oregon's 5th Judicial District. In 2011 alone a total of 28,104 cases filed with the district's courts - a figure that includes everything from civil and small claims cases to juvenile and mental health matters. This number was actually down somewhat from 2010, when over 31,000 cases were filed in the county, but is still dauntingly large.

The largest single group of 5th Judicial District cases filed in Clackamas County were civil, rather than federal or specialized (e.g. juvenile) matters. Indeed, according to state records, civil cases in Clackamas County have outnumbered federal cases by around 3-to-1 every year since 2008. The state reported 6,469 civil cases in the Clackamas courts in 2011, down slightly from 2010's total of 6,989 and roughly even with the 6,550 civil cases heard by the county's courts in 2009.

Detailed knowledge not only of this particular area of the law but also of the ins and outs of the Clackamas courts is an important asset that Kaplan Law LLC brings to the table and can put at the service of our clients. As specialists in personal injury law Kaplan Law LLC knows the best way to approach the Clackamas courts, and how to help Oregonians understand the options available to them.

Kaplan Law LLC is conveniently located at 50 SW Pine St #302, Portland, OR 97204.

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