Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton is one of Oregon’s oldest towns, having been settled in the 1850s and incorporated in 1880. It is the seat of Umatilla County and occupies a key position in the rural eastern part of our state, just over 200 miles east of Portland. In the early 20th century Pendleton was also among the state’s largest cities – though with a population today of around 17,000 it can no longer claim to rival Portland, Eugene or Salem for primacy.

Like much of rural Oregon, Pendleton faces everyday worries very different from those associated with larger cities. The city’s most famous business is the 120-year-old Pendleton Woolen Mills company, well known for both its blankets and its men’s shirts. It is also far closer, both physically and culturally, to the agricultural and logging industries than are the more urban parts of Oregon. These industries, however, often involve significant risks which should not be minimized, and can lead to injuries that, in turn, demand justice for their victims. Trucking accidents involving the many 18-wheelers traversing the long, and often dangerous, stretches of road in Oregon’s rural east, or propane explosions at any number of types of businesses or farms are also a regular danger in this part of the state.

When considering the industries that dominate the Pendleton area, it is useful to look at some data concerning workplace safety. According to the 2012 Oregon Occupational Injury and Illness Survey, compiled annually by the state Department of Consumer and Business Services, the number of recordable workplace accidents per 100 employees by industry is:

Natural Resources & Mining6.5
Forestry & Logging8.5
Freight Trucking4.8

(Note: the 2012 report is based on workplace data for the year 2010)

As these figures indicate, Oregon industrial accidents involving defective industrial or farm machinery are all too common in the east of our state. In the face of tragedies such as these, justice is often best obtained with the assistance of an attorney offering statewide practice focused on catastrophic losses. Kaplan Law LLC offers just such a service to clients throughout Oregon and Washington from his office at 50 SW Pine St in Portland. Call (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment.

Kaplan Law LLC is located in downtown Portland, 210 miles west of Pendleton. Our central location at 50 SW Pine St #302 offers convenient access to all the legal resources of Oregon’s largest city.

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