Sherwood, Oregon

Tradition holds that the town of Sherwood, Oregon was named after England’s Sherwood Forest, of ‘Robin Hood’ fame. That might, of course, be true. But it is also worth noting that the man who reportedly suggested the name during a town meeting on the subject in the 1890s was a native of Sherwood, Michigan (though one can argue that the Michigan town was named after the English forest so, at least indirectly, the link is real). The town urgently needed a name because, local tradition holds, pretty much everyone agreed that the original name – Smock Ville – was awful. This included the Mr. and Mrs. Smock who had founded the place!

Regardless of the actual origin of Sherwood’s name, it is undeniable that this small city has occupied a strategic location since the early days of western settlement in what is now Oregon. Sherwood is approximately 20 miles from both Oregon City – the territory’s first ‘boom town’ and from Portland, which eventually developed into Oregon’s metropolis. With a population estimated at just over 16,000 Sherwood, in Washington County, boasts an authentic small-town feel, despite being only a short drive from downtown Portland – indeed, Sherwood was awarded the title of one of the U.S.’s most “family friendly” small towns in a 2009 survey conducted by Family Circle magazine.

Like other communities large and small, however, Sherwood residents need to beware of the many dangers that exist in everyone’s homes. According to statistics compiled by the United States Fire Administration (a component of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA) fires pose a more significant danger to children than most people realize, with about 500 children under the age of 14 dying in household fires every year. In turn, “the leading cause of home fires and related injuries is home-cooking equipment,” according to an analysis by Virginia’s Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. Statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention add local meaning to these national figures: in 2007 alone seven Oregon child deaths resulted from fire or burns in the home. While this places home fires and burns far behind motor vehicle accidents as a cause of Oregon child deaths, it remains an unacceptably high figure – one that all of us must do our best to lower.

That task requires constant vigilance. In Washington County communities like Sherwood, residents are also able to take advantage of the resources offered by nearby Portland and the services of Kaplan Law LLC. From our offices at 50 SW Pine St #302, Kaplan Law helps residents of Sherwood and surrounding communities deal with injuries to children that may result from negligence, including faulty product manufacture. Kaplan Law LLC’s Portland office – telephone number (503) 226-3844 – is a resource for anyone in Sherwood uncertain of how to defend their rights in our increasingly complex, corporatized world.

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