Woodburn, Oregon

Located in the northern Willamette Valley, Woodburn, Oregon is only 30 miles south of Portland. The city is small, with around 24,000 people, but is quite unique. Woodburn, part of the broader Salem-Keizer-Woodburn metropolitan region, has emerged in recent years as a vibrant, ethnically diverse, part of Oregon. The city has a Hispanic majority, according to the latest census records, but is also home to a significant Russian community. Economically, Woodburn is known for its discounted shopping at the Woodburn company stores outlet mall. Woodburn is also one of the many Oregon communities served by Kaplan Law LLC. Located at 50 SW Pine St #302 in Portland, Oregon, Kaplan Law LLC offers skilled legal services to clients throughout Washington and Oregon with an emphasis on helping people who are uncertain of what their rights are claim them through our courts. Call (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment.

Because Woodburn is part of Marion County it is also part of Oregon’s 3rd Judicial District, headquartered in Salem. The district’s homepage offers a wealth of useful information for anyone who thinks they may have business before the county or state courts. Appearing in court – or working with an attorney who will help resolve your case without going to court – can be a complex process. It is essential to begin it with expert legal advice from an attorney who knows the Marion County courts intimately.

As specialists in personal injury law Kaplan Law LLC is familiar with the legal issues facing communities like Woodburn. Kaplan Law is particularly experienced in helping auto accident victims, especially those injured by drunk drivers, obtain justice.

In 2010 Woodburn, a relatively small community, experienced:

  • 172 motor vehicle crashes

Resulting in:

  • 107 injuries

By far the largest share of these incidents occurred when conditions were dry (109) and during the daytime (117) – a reminder that even under basically good driving conditions negligent drivers, drunk drivers and distracted drivers can cause great harm to those around them. At times like these the help of an attorney familiar with the 3rd Judicial Circuit can be an invaluable ally.


Oregon 3rd Judicial District Homepage

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