Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon’s second-largest city, lies just over 100 miles south of Portland in Lane County at the place where the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers meet. It is home to the University of Oregon, is famous both for the great beauty of its surroundings and for the recreational opportunities those surroundings offer (appropriate for a city that is also the birthplace of the Nike shoe and apparel empire) – a fact reflected in its nickname: “The Emerald City.” Eugene also lies at the heart of the region served by the Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan. From his office at 50 SW Pine St #302 in Portland, Matthew D. Kaplan offers skilled legal services to clients throughout Washington and Oregon. His office is the place to turn if you are uncertain what your rights are and whether the courts can offer you justice. Call (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment.

As one of our state’s largest cities Eugene is, as one might expect, also one of the most prone to car accidents of all types. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, in 2010 alone there were 1,726 auto crashes in the City of Eugene alone, resulting in 6 deaths – the 3rd highest number of deaths for any city in Oregon.

The vast majority of these accidents – 1,334 – took place during daytime. As a specialist in personal injury law with long experience in car accidents relating to drunk driving Matthew D. Kaplan’s law office is the place to turn for advice and assistance in the wake of a Eugene auto accident.

In recent years, Mr. Kaplan has extended his practice and its focus on auto accidents of all sorts to encompass the growing field of distracted driving. It is important that everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car or truck not only abides by the letter of the law (which, in Oregon, forbids use of a cellphone without also using a hands-free device and bans texting under all circumstances) but does everything possible to operate their vehicle in a responsible manner at all times.

Lane County, of which Eugene is the county seat, lies in Oregon’s 2nd Judicial District, presided over by Judge Karsten Rasmussen. The District’s website stresses its mission to “provide fair and accessible justice services that protect the rights of individuals, preserve community welfare and inspire public confidence.” This is a mission in which Matthew D. Kaplan believes deeply. Our court system is one of the few places in today’s United States where the rich and powerful can be confronted by ordinary individuals and companies, a place where justice is available to accident victims and others.

Potential clients can meet with Matthew Kaplan for a free initial consultation to go over all of the basic information concerning your case and consider how, or whether, to proceed. Mathew’s goal is always to help ordinary citizens defend their rights, and to see that victims and their families obtain the justice they deserve.

The Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan is conveniently located at 50 SW Pine St #302, Portland, OR 97204.


Oregon Department of Transportation
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