Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon's largest city, is also one of the economic and cultural hubs of the Pacific Northwest. Long considered one of the country's most relaxed and livable cities, Portland has a core population of 584,000 and it is the center of a metropolitan area of more than 2 million. The Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan serves this entire area: from Vancouver, Washington south to cities in Eastern and Southern Oregon, such as Salem, Eugene, Corvallis and Bend. Matthew D. Kaplan's office at 50 SW Pine St #302 in Portland, Oregon is the place to turn if you are uncertain what your rights are and whether the courts can offer you justice. Call his office at (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment.

The law office of Matthew D. Kaplan serves all of Portland’s diverse communities, and is a leader in advocacy for the city’s large bicycling community. Statistics compiled by the Oregon Health & Science University highlight the importance of safe practices for drivers and cyclists alike. The university’s figures (drawn from several sources) indicate that:

  • Motor vehicles are involved in more than 90% of fatal bicycle crashes
  • The majority of bike deaths among children and adolescents occur on smaller roads near home, not on main thoroughfares
  • Only 15-25 percent of children 14 and under use bike helmets, even though helmet use can cut head injuries by as much as 88 percent

These figures are particularly striking since, as our state’s largest city, Portland also experiences the largest number of crashes involving bikes and cars in the state and, according to the Oregon DOT such crashes rose by 13.5% between 2009 and 2010.

Matthew D. Kaplan’s advocacy work for the bicycling community touches on the other areas of his practice. As the statistics above indicate, bicycle accidents often involve injuries to children and can frequently result in traumatic brain injuries and/or spinal cord injuries. All of these are areas in which the Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan has long experience helping the residents of Portland and its surrounding communities.

Matthew D. Kaplan believes passionately that our court system can be a force for good. It is one of the few places in modern America where ordinary people can face powerful individuals and companies on an even footing, a place where victims can seek - and obtain - justice without regard to money or power.

Matthew offers potential clients a free initial consultation during which you and he can go over all of the basic information concerning your case and consider the best ways to proceed. His goal is always to help ordinary citizens defend their rights, and to see that victims and their families obtain the justice they deserve.

The Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan is conveniently located at 50 SW Pine St #302, Portland, OR 97204.


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