Portland skyline

Tualatin, Oregon

What can you say about a city that boasts holding the largest annual crawfish festival West of the Mississippi? That is Tualatin in a nutshell: always striving to be just a little unconventional. Another unconventional fact about Tualatin is that it is one of the handful of American cities lying in two counties. Most of the city is in Washington County, but one bit extends into neighboring Clackamas County. Tualatin’s roots extend back to the mid-19th century and the founding of the state, though it was not formally incorporated until the early 20th century. That blend of old and new is also evident in Tualatin’s economy. The city’s picturesque streets have been featured in several Hollywood films even as the south side of the city has become home to a number of high-tech businesses. Tualatin’s citizens can also count on Matthew D. Kaplan as a tireless advocate ready to help them, and other Oregonians, defend their rights.

Matthew D. Kaplan’s office at the KOIN Center, Suite #1111, 222 SW Columbia Street in Portland, is the place to turn if you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury. TBI statistics are sobering. According to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, in an average year TBI accounts for:

  • 52,000 deaths
  • 275,000 hospitalizations
  • 1,365,000 emergency room visits

Even more distressing is the fact that the total number of annual TBI injuries is around 1.7 million – meaning that some 345,000 victims each year do not receive the emergency medical care they need.

Here at home, the Oregon Brain Injury Associations reports that Oregonians suffer some 17,000 TBIs each year. As one might expect, young children, teens (especially teenage boys) and the elderly are the groups most at risk from an Oregon traumatic brain injury.

As Oregonians, many of us take pride in our active lifestyles. These statistics, however, are a potent reminder of the dangers we all face every day, be it while driving or biking to work or when hiking, skiing or playing sports (the latter is an area of particular concern when it comes to TBI incidents among 15 to 19 year olds). Matthew D. Kaplan is here to help Oregonians struggling to put their lives back together after they or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Call his office at (503) 226-3844 to schedule an appointment. Initial consultations with potential clients are always free, offering you the opportunity to get acquainted with Matthew while discussing the specifics of your case.

The Law Office of Matthew D. Kaplan is conveniently located in downtown Portland at the KOIN Center, Suite #1111, 222 SW Columbia Street between SW 2nd and 3rd Avenues. From Tualatin, the easiest way to Matthew’s office is to take I-5 north toward Portland and join I-405 and US-26 West as you approach downtown. Once on the 405, take Exit 1B onto SW 4th Avenue and travel north for eight blocks. Turn right on SW Columbia Street to reach the KOIN Center. We are just south of the Hawthorne Bridge, only two blocks from the beautiful Columbia River and SW Naito Parkway.